Update History

2nd September 2009 : family reunion pictures added - click on ‘reunion’ tab below. A lot more Berghs added, and Dud Corner Cemetery photos.

22nd October 2009 : Quite a bit more detail notes and people added after synchronisation with Simon’s data, and studying “Notices of the Ellises”.

4th December 2009 - a lot more Australian Electoral Role information added up to 1954. Note this exercise is not yet finished!

9th January 2010 - A major update to include a lot more New Zealand descendants.

31st January 2010 - Quite a few more Australian descendants of the New Zealand line from Dixie Ellis added. Also note that version 3 of the website now contains pictures!

20th February 2010 - Salisbury family tree added. Only 1 version of the website now available as it contains pictures!

11th November 2010 - Various minor updates added to both family trees - especially information from UK probate records, plus a lot more Ellis Australian descendants!

23rd January 2011 - Following the sad death of Hugh Ellis, I have added the Staffordshire Woolf and Phillips families. There are also minor updates on the Australian Kellet family, and the Swiss Gjessing family (descended from Mimi Bergh)!

4th February 2011 - A new version of the PhpGedView software which runs the website has been installed.

19th October 2011 - a new page has been added ‘who am I?’ to show copies of all the photographs in an album from about 1900. These are probably of the Wardrop and Stewart families.

12th August 2012 - recent births added, plus a lot more of the Garden family.

3rd November 2012 - A whole new page added describing the family connections to Garden & Co, granite merchants of Aberdeen.

29th August 2014 - Software changed from PhpGedView to Webtrees

February 2021 - All links repaired and updated. Regular updates made to data.

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